Our Commitment to Quality

SCC Innovasia Inc. is committed to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. It is our objective to continuously improve all aspects of our operation, to have zero defects in everything we do and to be the best in class all the time.

SCC Innovasia Inc. has successful track record delivering quality products and services to the various markets it serves both here and abroad because of our comprehensive Quality Systems effectively deployed in the factories..


Quality is always on the top priority list of the company’s leadership team with much attention given to the Quality Metrics and the continuous improvement of the Quality Systems.

Supplier Quality

The company nurtures partnerships with its suppliers to ensure a reliable supply of defect- free inputs of raw and packaging supplies to our factories.

Technology Transfer & Validation

A flawless execution of new or modified product introductions has been consistently achieved via a rigorous process of technology transfer and validation.

Housekeeping, Sanitization
& Pest Control

A high degree of cleanliness in our factories effectively eliminates foreign matter contamination

& Process Controls

Our facilities are designed to comply with cGMP regulations. Strict controls of all manufacturing inputs are in place. Effective equipment maintenance programs are deployed. Clear & detailed manufacturing instructions are implemented.

In Process & Finished Goods
Release & Controls

A comprehensive monitoring of the product quality through the various manufacturing steps is undertaken.

Laboratory Testing & Controls

Our laboratories are equipped and staffed to conduct the necessary testing of all chemical, microbial and physical properties. This applies to materials, in process and finished goods including environmental monitoring.

Non-Conformance and CAPA

A robust process is in place to investigate non-conformances, identify the root causes and implement corrective and preventive actions(CAPA).

Documentation & Change Control

SCC has a fully documented Quality Systems that has successfully passed the various audits done by its clients & the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Change control is effectively in place to carefully plan & implement changes in our processes, equipment, testing, etc.


SCC Innovasia’s greatest asset is its people. We ensure our employees have the requisite technical and managerial skills via continuous training.

Quality Metrics, Audits
& Continuous Improvement

SCC Innovasia is a metrics-driven company. We believe that measuring critical parameters delivers the best results. A monthly review of quality metrics is implemented. Internal audits including client audits are implemented. A culture of continuous improvement is in place.