SCC Innovasia believes in doing the ordinary things in an extraordinary way where Excellence is a journey rather than a goal.

Incorporated in 1991, SCC Innovasia is a 100% Filipino-owned private corporation. It is one of the largest contract manufacturers of personal and skin-care products in the country today.

Through the years, SCC has consistently won the Third-Party Manufacturer of the Year award given by one of its major principals, Johnson & Johnson, and the Salambao Award for Business Excellence given by the Paranaque Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Also awarded by the Department of Labor and Employment with the Certificate of Compliance on General Labor Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Standards in 2014, SCC is a 500-strong, non-unionized manufacturing enterprise.

SCC Innovasia Global Inc. (SIGI), SCC’s manufacturing facility at Golden Mile Business Park in Carmona, Cavite, is a PEZA registered company. SIGI presents a very attractive and viable alternative for principals servicing export markets.



SCC is established with 13 employees and one principal, Johnson & Johnson; Producing one product: J&J Face Powder.

SCC receives first of many Johnson & Johnson Supplier of the Year Award. SCC receives the same recognition over the next 14 years the award was given by J&J.

SCC bags regional supply contract for Johnson’s Baby Oil to different A/P markets including countries like Japan and Korea known for their stringent quality standards.

SCC acquires its second major principal: Intelligent Skin Care and begins producing Belo Facial Wash and Belo Lotion. It also receives its first Salambao Award for Business Excellence from the Paranaque Chamber of Commerce.

SCC builds own factory in Golden Mile Business Park in Carmona, Cavite.

SCC expands its global reach by producing Lightening Facial Wash and Lightening Lotion and Cream for Rakuto Biotechnologies (RBT) of Israel for the latter’s U.S. and Canada markets.

SCC secures regional supply contract with GlaxoSmithKline-Stiefel for Physiogel Cleanser and Panoxyl Cleanser and later on forges its global presence by supplying to various markets in the A/P region and in other markets across the globe.

SCC Carmona facility spun-off into a new company, SCC Innovasia Global Inc. (SIGI); SIGI is registered with the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA) as an Ecozone Export Enterprise.

SCC is now one of the largest manufacturers of personal care products in the Philippines. Supplies over 200 SKUs to over 20 markets for several reputable companies here and abroad.


We are the preferred global full-service provider of personal and skin care products.

We are dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of the industry we operate in.

Our passion for excellence and innovation on will assure our customers of superior quality and value.


We are highly competent manufacturing company of personal and skin care products with domestic and global presence.

  • Exceed expectations in customer care and satisfaction;
  • Develop and maintain high-performing employees;
  • Adopt new technologies;
  • Optimize processes and drive for flawless execution, and
  • Continue community consciousness

All these we achieve through a Culture of Excellence and the Spirit of Bayanihan.

Export Market

Products produced from SCC’s manufacturing facilities notably SCC Innovasia Global Inc. (SIGI), now reach more than 20 different market destinations across the globe. Registered with the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA) as an Ecozone Export Enterprise, SIGI presents itself as a viable alternative for the contract-manufacturing requirements of personal care companies engaged in exports. Truly, SIGI presents an excellent choice to its growing list of business partners.

Our People

SCC is managed by high-caliber Operations and Quality Assurance professionals with decades of experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing.
The organization is backed with a pool of highly competent, motivated and extremely well-trained technical support units consisting of engineers, pharmacists, microbiologists and plant hygienists thus assuring its customers of reliable quality and manufacturing efficiency.
SCC is not unionized. As one of the founding members of the Employees Council Association of the Philippines or ECAP, SCC is proud of its Family Council where the employees’ welfare is given importance and motivation is maintained at a level that impacts on productivity.


FDA-licensed, cGMP certified Cosmetics Manufacturer
FDA-licensed, cGMP certified Drug Manufacturer
Rated cGMP Acceptable by multinational client audits
Compliant with Department of Environment and Natural Resources standards and regulations
Compliant with General Labor Standards and Occupational Health & Safety Standards by Department of Labor and Employment
Compliant with Local Government Unit requirements
Compliant with Bureau of Internal Revenue requirements


Excellent manufacturing facilities situated in accessible locations in Paranaque City and at Golden Mile Business Park, Carmona, Cavite with high standards of quality, cleanliness and housekeeping